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The Why

Earlier this year, we had a man called Ayoola Arowolo join our programme from Nigeria. He brought so much energy and joy to the programme, sharing stories about his family around the fire and even dancing in Nigerian clothing at the Traditional Scottish Ceilidh. 

At the end of the week he shared that his time on Bute had given him a vision of the world that is possible and had reminded him of his ‘WHY’. 

Why he works so hard to create change in the world. 

We all need to be reminded of our ‘WHY’

It is hard swimming against the current. Working to change the world of business, to provide healthcare in an unjust world, even to raise children who can stand strong in the complexity of modern life.

Why bother listening to music, laughing and dancing together, creating masterpieces and slowing down enough to enjoy and savor life like we do among other things on Bute? 

Because if we operate from an overwhelmed, burnt out place of struggle, how can we possibly have vision or connect to what is possible? 

And without vision, how do we know what to aim for?

What is your vision or north star? When did you last really see it and sense it? 

Does your organisation or team feel a true sense of inspiration and vision and could this be a better, more motivating source of fuel to power the work you are doing?  

Our open programmes and bespoke offerings give a chance to remember our WHY, remember what we love, what really matters to us, and in some sense, it offers a chance to come home to ourselves. From this place, we can find and share a sense of vision for a more beautiful world.

This year, we are hosting our flagship Decelerator event not only on the beautiful Island of Bute but also in the Forest of Dean, Southwest England, bringing together like minded people from across the globe to slow down, look within and be inspired to find the ‘why’.


The Craigberoch Team