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Since our founding in 2019, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals in organisations across the world to drive positive change in themselves and their organisations. 

“It was a profound experience with learnings on multiple levels. It gave me a window into what was possible and a yearning for all teams and organisations to offer opportunities for connecting deeper to oneself, to others and to nature. We need to focus on cultivating holistic ways of knowing and being so that we can usher in different ways of doing things.”

Public Sector Leader

Our participants report that they leave feeling…
A shift in perspective, a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to drive positive change. 

“I know that we are not doing our best work nor delivering on our purpose when we are rushing from one action to the next. This business decelerator was an amazing way for me to reconnect with myself, get back the balance, give space for some new ideas to emerge and learn with a wonderfully diverse group” Stuart Mills, VP Trailhead & Ecosystem EMEA, Salesforce

They’ve learned…
How to be more present, reconnect to what’s truly important, and gain greater clarity on work/life priorities.
New, healthier ways of working and being that support their resilience.

“The Decelerator programme was something that I didn’t know I needed. It has provided me with tools that help me unwind and reset my mind, and led to ideas that I want to explore as part of my work and research, giving me a renewed sense of purpose.” Gianna Illenseer, Head of Product at Brainwave

They’re going to…
Reimagine their challenges and experiment with radical new ideas
Build cultures in their organisations that promote genuine authenticity, creativity and wellbeing.

“I didn’t think that just by slowing down, and connecting to people and the environment, that exciting, wonderful new ideas and possibilities could unfurl. Thank you, Decelerator team!” – Ronan Ferguson, UN Foundation


Of participants are highly likely to recommend our Decelerator programme.

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