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Our activate programmes bring ideas to life, helping intrapreneurs to inspire and adapt the corporate agenda towards social and environmental change.

Perhaps your organisation has a purpose-based idea that it would like to see realised. Or maybe you personally have the seed of an idea for a new project or initiative but are unsure how to bring it to life. Participants can take advantage of expertise and consultation with diverse leaders in the field of intrapreneurship, systems change, business change, and change toward purpose.

These bespoke programmes can include individual and team coaching, mentoring and consulting. Individuals, teams, even entire organisations can create change with purpose by undertaking a journey with us that is tailored to their own needs, timeframe and budget.

What’s the outcome?

Access a network and community of changemakers and intrapreneurs

Receive the support and gain the skills to bring the seeds of ideas to life

Gain the guidance of experts to navigate corporate change 

Connect with a global network of intrapreneurs from the Craigberoch alumni

Connect with Craigberoch’s broad network of relevant associations and bodies such as the League of Intrapreneurs

What’s on offer?

On Bute

  • Bespoke events and tailored co-being on the Isle of Bute


  • Run at a location to suit your organisation

  • Half-day, one-day or multi-day formats

  • Bespoke, in person for teams or individuals


  • Bespoke online workshops for organisations and teams

  • Virtual consulting and coaching

  • Regular online sessions (see events schedule)

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