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Our flexible ideate programmes focus on nurturing ideas to generate new ways of working and establish purpose-driven goals.

Craigberoch rewrites traditional approaches to ideation to enable individuals and teams to create social and environmental impact in their own organisations. Deceleration is still part of the story, since slowing down and reflection are vital ingredients in enabling people to connect to their personal values and a sense of purpose. Once a keen sense of purpose is established, ideas that create positive change can emerge.

Ideate includes design thinking techniques, improvisation, play, and tips and tools to take forward into participants’ own organisations. When taking place on Bute, we offer groups a boat trip to a small uninhabited island called Inchmarnock to reflect on personal purpose and vision. Participants may choose to set up a purpose programme or accelerator within their own organisations to cultivate a new family of intrapreneurs.

What’s the outcome?

Develop or refine at least one new prototype change idea

Rediscover and deepen your personal vision and passion

Strengthen your intrapreneur identity and that of others      

Connect to personal and organisational values and purpose 

Generate ideas for social and environmental change

What’s on offer?

On Bute

  • Multi-day immersions or co-being events on Bute with participants from a diverse range of organisations (See event schedule)

  • Bespoke half-day, one-day or multi-day formats in person for groups or teams


  • Run at a location to suit your organisation

  • Half-day, one-day or multi-day formats

  • Bespoke, in person for teams


  • Available for organisations, teams and individuals

  • Hybrid option combines locations and virtual sessions

  • Regular online sessions (see events schedule)

ideate can be delivered as a standalone programme as well as following on from combining with decelerate programmes. Ideate also prepares participants for activate

Follow the changemaker journey to activate

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