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Individuals can choose to work with us either independently or in addition to existing decelerate, ideate and activate programmes. ‘Co-being’ is our term for a remote co-working opportunity available for and tailored to anyone looking to reinvent their standard working day. Participants in this programme can choose from an ‘à la carte’ menu of activities aligned to the decelerate, ideate or activate themes of the core programme, or simply enjoy the peace and pace of this Scottish island.

Working remotely is far easier today. Bute offers an environment that is both conducive to working and rich with potential for deceleration and all that brings with it. The programme is customisable and largely self-directed. 

Imagine if you could start your day with cold water swimming, take a yoga class over lunch and spend the evening learning sculpture, cold water swimming or a yoga class, join a guided walk over lunch and spend the evening learning art or woodcraft, all scheduled alongside your focused working day. Our Co-being programmes give you the scope and space to find that all important work-life balance and open the door to your creative potential. 

Click below to see an example of what a Co-being opportunity could look like.

Co-being Residencies offer additional extras beyond the core curriculum which can be booked and purchased independently.  Consider tailoring your own programme with eBike tours, skiff rowing or taking time out to walk in the hundreds of acres of gardens and woodland within the Mount Stuart Estate on the southern side of the island.

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