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To change the world, we first need to change ourselves. We believe organisations are failing to produce radical solutions to our greatest problems because they are not tapping into the human ingenuity of their people. Too often, the focus is on accelerating profits, outputs and results leaving employees overwhelmed, stressed, or burnt out.

Deceleration enables people to slow down, connect to their purpose and find their inspiration.

Our programmes are interdisciplinary, drawing on four pillars of deceleration to help people to bring their whole selves to work: nurture, nature, creativity, and community. Through art, music, the natural world and play, we help participants cultivate new ways of thinking, generate new insights and ideas and activate real change and innovation in their organisation. 


We immerse participants in nature to give them a renewed appreciation for the natural world and help them experience the proven mental and emotional benefits of being outdoors. We hope this reconnection drives a focus on sustainability in their lives and work.
What’s involved? Walking tours, forest bathing, bushcraft, and time and space for contemplation.


We offer participants strategies and practices to develop resilience and improve well-being.  We give participants the chance to stop ‘doing and make space for ‘being’ so they can connect with themselves.’ 
What’s involved? Musical interludes, grounding exercises, reflective journaling and movement practices, such as yoga.


We stimulate right-brain thinking to inspire innovative solutions to meet the environmental and social challenges posed by a fast-changing world.
What’s involved? Painting and drawing, improv theatre, music, and storytelling.     


Equips participants with the experiences and skills they need to work within teams, across their organisations or wider communities to solve complex, multifaceted global challenges.
What’s involved? Cross-industry, cross-cultural exchange of perspectives and diverse thinking within the inspired backdrop of a local island community and beyond.

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