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Craigberoch combines for-profit and not-for-profit arms of the business to fulfil our mission and vision. Craigberoch Business Decelerator Limited is the for-profit social business that runs deceleration programmes for leading corporate organisations. The not-for-profit Craigberoch Trust has a symbiotic focus, working closely with the Isle of Bute community and playing a key role in the island’s development, growth and regeneration.

The Craigberoch Trust is also responsible for renovating and managing Craigberoch’s physical assets and aims to provide affordable access to facilities for changemakers, both within the local community and from across Scotland.

Developing and empowering the local community lies at the heart of the Craigberoch offer through:

Economic development and rural regeneration
An opportunity to reverse the brain drain and turn rural isolation into a comparative advantage; Bute has the rural spaces where people and ideas can flourish. Once operating at scale, the Craigberoch business can draw significant numbers of business professionals to the island, enhancing the local community as well as their own lives. 

Creating skills, jobs and apprenticeships
The renovation of the Craigberoch farm building and construction of the accommodation pods, commencing in 2024, will provide apprenticeships for marginalised groups on Bute, such as the disadvantaged local youth and from an incoming refugee community. Through this work we hope to increase the island’s potential to handle larger projects in the future.

The Craigberoch Trust welcomes enquiries from public bodies, private philanthropists and other donors who are aligned with our vision and would like to support the work. If you’re interested, please contact us here. Going forward, the Craigberoch business model aims to inspire a franchise network of rural decelerators across Scotland and beyond.

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