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Work, eat, sleep. Repeat.

Work, eat, sleep. Repeat.

Work, eat, sleep. Repeat.

Work, eat, sleep. Repeat.

Sound familiar?

Break with this routine

Breakthrough innovation and personal transformation is unlikely to occur whilst sitting at a desk during a frantic working week. Might slowing down be the best way to accelerate change?

Craigberoch offers you an opportunity to embark on a journey that has the potential to transform careers, lives and the global corporations which shape the world around us. Our experiences focus on disconnecting from the day job and reconnecting with the soul.

Calm the inner critic and tap into your hidden potential for innovation, creativity, and purpose.

Following a desire for the power of business to change the world—and a belief that every individual can change the business world. To make this happen, we must start with ourselves.

If you are ready to unleash the innovation potential of your organization and create the capacity for change, then Craigberoch is the perfect place to start.


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See us in action in this short video

Filmed during our last Decelerator Lab on Bute ~ Video produced by Anthony Swords

What  past Decelerator Lab participants have to say

Amazing – no bullshit, the week really has changed me and my life – thank you!”

“Wow, wow, wow!!!  What a week that was! Amazing experiences, fabulous people and life-affirming moments I shall never forget”

“Inspirational and emotional. I have connected with myself on a new level.”

“Loved every moment of it, thank you all for a life changing experience. I am forever grateful!”

“This is a beginning of a new journey for me”

“Going forward i am going to make sure i am more present in my day to day life and focus on what is important to me. Being happy and content will reflect in my family and work life.”

“Harmony between my emotions and my mind.”

“Higher connection with nature, people, emotions. In a mindful way”

“Spaces in between allows the creativity to flow”

“Take time to pause.”

“Breath. Concentrate on breathing whilst going through your task and it will help to keep you focused and calm and strong.”

“A very well planned event. That grew into something beyond words.”

“Blending profit, non-profit and local community felt invaluable”

“The whole week was amazing I’m still in the bubble”

“Great people, new thinking, unusual experiences”

“Unforgettable experience”

“I genuinely had the most amazing experience.”