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Our programmes consist of three modular stages and are designed and delivered around your organisation’s needs.

Decelerate‘ – awakening creativity, igniting purpose and providing fertile soil for innovation.

Ideate‘ – shifting mindsets and sparking non-linear thinking.

Activate‘ – bringing these ideas to life.


A range of immersive experiences designed to create the conditions for greater resilience and breakthrough innovation.


Experiences focussed on creativity and ideation with a twist, designed to tap into the full potential of deceleration as a pathway to breakthrough innovation.


Customised experiences and strategic consulting services for leaders and teams to achieve their change goals.

In terms of format, we can work at partner retreat centres, meet you at a venue of your choice, within your own four walls, virtually or a tailored combination of different options.

ON BUTE – You come to us
Join us on Bute for an immersion programme or for a more self-directed experience at one of our ‘Co-being’ residencies.

ON-SITE –  We come to you
We come to your workplace or a location of your choice to deliver a unique deceleration experience tailored to your needs.

ONLINE – We meet virtually
We offer rich and immersive experiences adapted to the virtual world.

To positively transform working cultures, nurture intrapreneurs and make lasting impact in your organisation, we offer longer term hybrid journeys combining online and offline experiences across each of the formats.

Follow the changemaker journey to decelerate, ideate, and activate

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