Craigberoch is


Business decelerator


Purpose incubator


Restorative nature

Craigberoch is first and foremost an innovative space on the Isle of Bute

The construction of the space will commence in late 2020 with a modern open design that will incorporate the walls of the 18th Century homestead currently present on the site.

Business Decelerator

Workshops, retreats, experiences and tools to help inspire creativity and purpose inside the dormant changemakers within large corporations. Building resilience and seeking to prevent the burnout and breakdown of executives, high-stress teams, entrepreneurs, or any person that needs a re-balancing on their work-life balance and take a more holistic and healthy approach to business.

Intrapreneur Incubator

As the spiritual home of purpose driven intrapreneurship, Craigberoch will offer a space for the regular gatherings of organisations which support the movement such as The League of Intrapreneurs, The Circle of Young Intrapreneurs and other Intrapreneurship movements, groups, collectives, or teams within companies enacting change.

Entrepreneurship Empowerment

Craigberoch will seek to empower, support, and expand the reach of local businesses based on the Isle of Bute and throughout Scotland. We believe in a local-first approach where all employment and work will be sourced locally and choosing regionally based companies for external service provision, catering, entertainment, IT and hosting needs. Furthermore, the space and its activities will actively seek to recruit entrepreneurially minded individuals from Bute to learn the ‘skills of the trade’.

Curated Events

Our guests will come from all over the world and will share their knowledge with peers and the local community. Events could range from team building empowerment practices for corporate teams to co-created retreats for wellness practitioners and coaches. The possibilities of the types of events are limitless as we look to attract local and international practitioners to use this space for their unique experiences. Craigberoch will also offer self-contained accommodation onsite which will allow our guests to stay for extended periods of time and to host events lasting several days.

Craigberoch, a place to…


disconnect to reconnect


slow down to spring forth


awaken the changemaker within

Craigberoch’s goal is to become the spiritual home of the international movement and host organisations seeking to drive “change from within” such as the League of Intrapreneurs


 “A global learning community of intrapreneurs and catalysts driving change from within. Our members are prototyping the future of work, cultivating cultures that are more authentic, innovative, collaborative, and ultimately, more meaningful.”


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