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Craigberoch is the name of farm ruins on ancient land on the Isle of Bute. The name, spelt and pronounced in various ways since the mid-18th century, translates as “a sharp, jagged or pointed rock”. The land, which lies on the powerful energetic intersection of the Highland boundary fault line, contains a neolithic standing stone which is referenced in a national heritage study of the stones and cairns of Bute and the other islands of Scotland. More than 4,000 years old, the standing stone’s carvings have been attributed to early inhabitants of Bute from the Bronze Age onwards.

Gib Bulloch purchased the ruins of Craigberoch farm in 2018 and was recently granted planning permission to renovate with planning permission to renovate and build a centre for deceleration and purpose led innovation. Commencing in 2024 eco friendly accommodation pods will be added to the land for guests to enjoy the site’s natural beauty and ecology. The buildings will be used throughout the year with regular evening classes for the local community and corporate employees in residence who can share their expertise as part of their own deceleration efforts.

Architectural design for future Craigberoch Centre

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