Craigberoch was initially conceived in the mind of Gib Bulloch during the process of promoting his seminal book called The Intrapreneur : Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent

“The Intrapreneur is an honest and insightful critique of the “craziness” of today’s business environment – and a call to action for a new breed of social activist working within, about to join or completely disillusioned by today’s business world.
Finding your purpose… can feel like losing your mind”

The book’s core message is about the power of business to change the world Bulloch’s belief in the power of the individual to change the business world. In the three years spent writing the book, Bulloch experienced a remarkable realisation of his own.

Changing the business world require change in something far more fundamental – himself.

Upon visiting his hometown of Rothesay on the Isle of Bute he discovered land was for sale with the ruins of an abandoned farmstead on the grounds, from there this vision began to form. To create a space for deep reflection and inner work – with a greater focus on the being, for those who have excelled at doing.

The “be” in Craigberoch is pure coincidence – or maybe not.

A vision of a place to...




Tapping into his extensive personal and professional network, Gib envisages a spiritual home for the Intrapreneur movements from all over the world.

Combined with a state of the art learning and training facility for corporations and business executives, alongside a center for empowering local entrepreneurs from Bute and beyond to learn the skills and techniques of Intrapreneurship.

This extensive network includes  visionary intrapreneurs such as Michel Bachmann from whom the project borrows several concepts and ideas such as that of ‘decelerate to accelerate’ – click here to find out more in this 2015 Standford Social Innovation Review article.

The network of persons and organisations that are supporting the launch of Craigberoch is not only diverse and international, but also multidisciplinary and creative, as intrapreneurs leverage the arts to inspire change:

“You can’t go deep until you slow down.”

~ Tess Gallagher

This project is a reflection of Gib’s personal approach to change within an organisation that requires a delicate interplay between three interconnected pillars:

Craigberoch plans on changing the business landscape of the Isle of Bute, closing the gap between the island and the rest of Scotland, and contributing to a positive global impact through the hosting of international events by high-calibre practitioners and corporate entities. In his own words:

“It’s not just what you do but how you do it.”

~ Gib Bulloch

You are invited to participate in the process and support the manifestation of this vision

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