RESET 2023

 Slow down and re – connect
Reflect on the year that has gone
Re-orient yourself for the year ahead

Sunday 8th January 2023

4 – 6 pm (GMT / UK time)

A free, interactive & inspiring session

Lead by members of the Craigberoch Cast

At this time of long cold nights (in the northern hemisphere), join us for a heart warming afternoon of interactive and inspirational workshops and live music.

STILL too busy, too tired and too overwhelmed? This fast changing world continues to highlight the need to transform how we live and work.

Are you ready to step up in 2023 and contribute to that transformation?

Join our diverse community of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, corporate champions, renegades and change-makers as we individually and collectively imagine the sort of world we want to see in 2023 and beyond.

Reset 2023 is an initiative from the Craigberoch Business Decelerator, who run ambitious programmes to unleash the latent potential in people and organisations to catalyse positive, regenerative change in the world.



Reflective spaces

Live music