Monday 19th October


19:00 to 20:30  – BST / UK time

11:00 to 12:30  – PDT / US West Coast

14:00 – 15:30 – EDT/ US East Coast

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We will be using Zoom for this event (free to use)

What is planned?

19:00 Welcome
19:10 Breakout (groups of  3s)
19:15 Gib’s story and introduction to deceleration
19:25 Cast Introductions
19:35 Break-out moment
20:00 Collective debrief
20:15 Musical interlude
20:30 Round-up and check out

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What is Craigberoch LIVE?

unique participatory digital experiences

We see the world is being forced to decelerate this year on a scale that we have never seen before. For we who believe deceleration of both work and personal life is the future, we wish to tap into this zeitgeist to grow awareness of our mission.

Over the course of several days, we invite you to join an intimate cohort of individuals wishing to decelerate and explore new ways of working and perhaps more importantly, being.

We will curate an experience using performers/facilitators from our Craigberoch Cast, who will lead virtual workshops to give participants a taste of the experience you would be get during a Decelerator Lab.


We will deliberately create plenty of time in between sessions – what we call “Ma Space” – ideally for peaceful reflection but also for keeping on top of work or home schooling demands.

We will guide continuity between the sessions, always opening and closing with check-ins & lessons learnt.

Collectively, will will bring the beauty and tranquility of the Isle of Bute into your living rooms and seek to integrate the concept of deceleration into our online lives.

This is more than an online seminar, webinar, summit, mastermind, or group coaching session

Join a participatory digital experience to decelerate

We will be going through this journey together

Watch it in action

1 minute video

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