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Isle of Bute, Scotland 

A tranquil and beautiful maritime location


4th - 8th September
25th - 29th September
6th - 10th November

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The past 18 months have been challenging. And yet, the enforced lockdowns meant many of us had time to pause and reflect. We’ve spent less hours on doing and more on thinking about where we’re going. We’ve rekindled a love of nature, found the time to be creative—and realised that we didn’t want to go “back to normal.”

Craigberoch offers an opportunity to let those nascent ideas and dreams grow.

Located on the idyllic Isle of Bute in Scotland, Craigberoch provides a platform for social innovation, operating at the nexus of business, the arts, the environment and well-being.

A “decelerated” approach to life and work is possible, even as the world speeds up again. Slowing down helps us to tap into our innate creativity and desire for purpose—to drive transformation in ourselves, within organisations and in the world around us.

Enjoy a range of experiences. Whether you join an immersive programme with our cast of trainers and performers or take advantage a more self-directed “co-being” residency, the red thread of pace, passion and purpose is common to all.


By participating in one of our decelerator programmes, businesses can benefit from:

Breakthrough innovation that opens up new sources of value

Increased resilience and well-being in the workplace

Renewed ability to retain and inspire high-performing talent

Join us to explore the art of the possible


Rather than traditional leadership programmes with homogenous groups from a single organisation, we recognise that breakthrough innovation stems from exposure to insights from other industries, sectors—or, indeed, local communities. Our flagship Decelerator Lab has proven to transform careers, reinvigorate lives and reshape the global corporations that run our world.


This programme is designed to offer an experience of what is possible when we truly slow down, nourish ourselves and improve our well-being. It is available either over a long weekend or during the working week, whatever works best with your personal schedule. You will be led by a cast of international experts and coaches from the fields of art, music, improvisation, yoga and outdoor adventures.

Sample Decelerator Lab agenda


A balance between indoor workshops and outdoor activities exploring the natural beauty of the island helps you better understand who you are and what you aspire to create in the world. Evenings will offer a glimpse of the rich local culture, music and history of this diverse island community.


This in-person event on Bute is followed by a series of short online sessions over the following 100 days to support further reflection and integration of learnings.


The cost for the weekday/weekend retreat is

£3,495 (+VAT) per person for organisations

£2,495 (+VAT) for individuals and not-for-profits

The above fees include all meals and accommodation on Bute

Who should attend?

Our programmes are open to everyone, whatever stage you may be in your career. Attendees are often early to mid-career business professionals working in any functional role within a large corporation, charity or public body—a diversity which serves to enrich the experience.

Participants need to be open to new thinking and ready to embrace ideas and the role they could play in changing their own organisations from within. We encourage senior executives to consider bringing their powerful experiences to the Craigberoch Decelerator Lab to discover new ways to enable intrapreneurship and innovation to thrive within their teams.

Where will it be held?

Craigberoch (meaning “jagged rock” in Gaelic) is a site of historical interest, tucked away in a secluded area on the idyllic Isle of Bute on the west coast of Scotland.

The island strikes a perfect balance between isolation and accessibility and is relatively easy to get to from either Glasgow or Edinburgh international airports, involving a short car or train journey followed by the regular ferry trip. Sailing for 35 minutes at not more than 18 knots through dramatic scenery represents the start of your deceleration journey. Directions, journey times and how to travel to Bute can be found here.

A purpose-built facility is planned as part of a major renovation programme to transform the ruins of Craigberoch Farm on the island. In the meantime, the Blackwood Centre at Mount Stuart in the south of the island will house the majority of our programmes

Accommodation options include comfortable local hotels, self-catered cottages and eco-pods. In addition, local community hosts from the island will offer authentic experiences—a welcome alternative to corporate business travel.

What  past Decelerator Lab participants have to say

Amazing – no bullshit, the week really has changed me and my life – thank you!”

“Wow, wow, wow!!!  What a week that was! Amazing experiences, fabulous people and life-affirming moments I shall never forget”

“Inspirational and emotional. I have connected with myself on a new level.”

“Loved every moment of it, thank you all for a life changing experience. I am forever grateful!”

“This is a beginning of a new journey for me”

“Going forward i am going to make sure i am more present in my day to day life and focus on what is important to me. Being happy and content will reflect in my family and work life.”

“Harmony between my emotions and my mind.”

“Higher connection with nature, people, emotions. In a mindful way”

“Spaces in between allows the creativity to flow”

“A very well planned event. That grew into something beyond words.”

“Blending profit, non-profit and local community felt invaluable”

“The whole week was amazing I’m still in the bubble”

“Great people, new thinking, unusual experiences”

“Unforgettable experience”

“I genuinely had the most amazing experience.”

Want to get a taste?

Watch a 2 minute video of our last Decelerator Lab right here

At Craigberoch we collaborate with coaches, specialists, and practitioners from multiple disciplines – offering a diverse selection of methodologies to assist in deceleration. Known as the Craigberoch Cast.

Discover all our Cast members here

Thank you to all of you who attended our first Decelerator Launch Lab

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