Co-Being Residencies

Taking co-working out of the city centre and

into nature through a more self-directed “co-being” residency

enabling you to reset your work/life balance and find inspiration

24th – 28th July 2023

25th – 29th Sept 2023

13th – 17th Nov 2023

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When you can work

from anywhere

why not be on Bute?

The past 18 months have been challenging. And yet, the enforced lockdowns meant many of us had time to pause and reflect. We’ve spent less hours on doing and more on thinking about where we’re going. We’ve rekindled a love of nature, found the time to be creative—and realised that we didn’t want to go “back to normal.”

Craigberoch offers an opportunity to let those nascent ideas and dreams grow.

Located on the idyllic Isle of Bute in Scotland, Craigberoch provides a platform for social innovation, operating at the nexus of business, the arts, the environment and well-being.

A “decelerated” approach to life and work is possible, even as the world speeds up again. Slowing down helps us to tap into our innate creativity and desire for purpose—to drive transformation in ourselves, within organisations and in the world around us.

Enjoy a range of experiences. Whether you join an immersive programme with our cast of trainers and performers or take advantage a more self-directed “co-being” residency, the red thread of pace, passion and purpose is common to all.


By participating in one of our decelerator programmes, businesses can benefit from:

Breakthrough innovation that opens up new sources of value

Increased resilience and well-being in the workplace

Renewed ability to retain and inspire high-performing talent

join us to explore the art of the possible


In the wake of the global pandemic, the future of work is being shaped by a powerful combination of new social norms and the role technology plays in a work-from-anywhere culture. Many businesses are realising their workforces no longer want the binary choice of “office versus working from home”—they are seeking a hybrid approach and more balance in their working lives.


Undertake a highly autonomous co-working programme, where you can balance a busy schedule with an à la carte selection of self-directed activities. Set within the backdrop of a dramatic and inspiring landscape, you have a choice of three five-day sessions in September or November for your stay on the island.

Our residential programmes, “BE on Bute”, will soon range from a few days to several weeks. Designed to go beyond traditional co-working and co-living models to a new era of what we term “co-being.” The programme creates the perfect environment for balancing the day job with activities that are conducive to creativity, innovation and well-being.


Co-being residencies offer a rich selection of optional activities, provided by and within the local community. These include daily yoga and meditation classes, guided nature walks, art and music classes and the opportunity to explore the local area via eBikes or paddleboard.


You will not only gain a lot from the local community, but also benefit from an opportunity to give back. Participants are invited to share their own expertise with local people through our voluntary Knowledge Exchange programme which runs one evening each week.

Continue to do what you do, while shifting your attention to beingon Bute.


The cost for each residential week is

£ 1,450 (+VAT) per person for organisations
£ 950 (+VAT) for individuals and not-for-profits

Prices include and accommodation and packed lunch

Extending your stay over the weekend is possible for a £250 supplement

Payment is required upon registration, refundable within 30 days of the residency start.

Who should attend?

Our programmes are open to everyone, whatever stage you may be in your career. So you can benefit whether you are a mid-career business professional working in any functional role within a large corporation, charity or public body, or a business leader looking to reevaluate how you run your own career or manage your own teams. Participants need to be open to new thinking and ready to embrace fresh ideas and experiences.

Where do you go?

Craigberoch (meaning “jagged rock” in Gaelic) is a site of historical interest, tucked away in a secluded area on the idyllic Isle of Bute on the west coast of Scotland. The island strikes a perfect balance between isolation and accessibility and is relatively easy to get to from either Glasgow or Edinburgh international airports, involving a short car or train journey followed by the regular ferry trip. Sailing for 35 minutes at not more than 18 knots through dramatic scenery represents the start of your deceleration journey. Directions, journey times and how to travel to Bute can be found here.

A purpose-built facility is planned as part of a major renovation programme to transform the ruins of Craigberoch Farm on the island. In the meantime, the Blackwood Centre at Mount Stuart in the south of the island will house the majority of our programmes.

Accommodation options include comfortable local hotels, self-catered cottages and eco-pods. In addition, local community hosts from the island will offer authentic experiences—a welcome alternative to corporate business travel.


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