Our portfolio of experts that make up the unique cast for each Decelerator Lab

Cragberoch has an extensive and diverse network of experts from throughout the world that bring their skills and knowledge to our events
Each and every event has a unique ‘cast’ of these extraordinary people


Delphine Dépy Carron, Patrick Andrews, David Pearl, Viki Lazar, Alexander Inchbald and Gib Bulloch discussing the question ‘Deceleration: the fastest way to drive social change in business?
As part of #SkollGoesVirtual – the Skoll World Forum online edition  by the Skoll Forundation. Recording of live stream of 3rd April 2020
Gib Bulloch, David Pearl, Viki Lazar, John Zimmer and Alexander Inchbald discussing the question ‘How can we disconnect to reconnect?’
Touching on the power of art, performance, improv theater, and flow states and much more. Recording of live stream of 30th September 2019
Delphine Dépy Carron, Peter Koening, Alexander Inchbald & Gib Bulloch discussing the question:
‘How can good mental health and well-being drive innovation in business?’