The Standing Stone ~ Issue 3 ~ Sept 2020


We had planned an October Decelerator Lab on the beautiful Isle of Bute, but the pandemic has put paid to that. Instead we are holding an online event, building on the success of our Craigberoch LIVE events in March and June. This time the digital event will be supplemented with offline activities.



1st October: Free taster for LIVE

20th – 23rd October: Craigberoch LIVE



Testimonials from our last Craigberoch LIVE and what they had to say about their experience…

“[My take-home message was] We are one, we create the pace of our lives and it’s never too late to start improving oneself.”

“Listening to different perspectives allowed me to reconsider some of my beliefs about how we connect online.”

“The experience truly was something special. I honestly can’t think of something to suggest for improvement. The organizing team nailed it completely. Congratulations.”

“It was already praised the amazing job of making sure that what happens concerning technology, mostly zoom, runs so smoothly that you forget about it.”



Read all about our work – Who we are, what we do, and why we seek to decelerate the business world and people’s lives. Share it with that friend that needs deceleration.



Embracing the &

“When I got off the ferry, I had no idea that my 5 days on the beautiful Island of Bute would be the start of my journey embracing the &. Both personally and professionally. Kicked off by Gib telling us about the importance of “ma time”, to embrace Being & Doing…” – Sara Ramsey