The Standing Stone ~ Issue 2 ~ June 2020

 Transforming challenge into opportunity

 We had to also postpone our June Decelerator Lab due to the continued impact of the C word. We still keep our hopes up for our last Decelerator Lab of the year (19 -23 October) and have launched an innovative digital deceleration experience in response.


Next Decelerator Lab on Bute (19 -23 October)

 Early-bird registrations open ~ register your commitment-free interest right now ~ no payment necessar


Dates of upcoming Decelerator Labs in 2020

2nd to 5th April ~ 1st to 5th June ~ 19th to 23rd October


Launching Craigberoch LIVE!

In April we launched a new pilot event called Craigberoch LIVE that brought 100 people together online to decelerate together… Click below to read all the excellent participant testimonials from this event…

 1 minute of Digital Deceleration

 We produced a short video of what we experienced on Craigberoch LIVE to inspire people – watch it, like it, share it with your network

Bringing Deceleration to the #GIW2020 & #SkollGoesVirtual online events

We hosted a unique short session with some of our Cast as part of the Global Intrapreneur Week hosted by the League of Intrapreneurs. We were also honoured to have been part of the first online edition of the Skoll World Form – Hosted by the Skoll Foundation

New Cast members join Craigberoch

We welcome Lauren, Gina, Alexa, Mandar, Rachel and Yann to our growing Cast. Discover them all on our dedicated webpage – simply hover your mouse over, or tap on, their image to see their bio and a link.