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There are things in life that you can’t really look for.

Sometimes these things just have to find you.
As was the case for me with the Craigberoch Business Decelerator. I literally stumbled upon it on a bleak Monday morning at the beginning of week 6 of lockdown in Austria. The isolation had taken its toll on me at that point and I had basically felt like going back to bed all day. But only a few hours after I’d first heard about this online-course, I found myself in a Zoom call glancing at a group of vibrant individuals of all ages and professional backgrounds, different altitudes of the sun shedding light on their computer screens in their respective countries.
Not knowingly what to expect from a “Business Decelerator”, something inside me immediately knew that this was where I was supposed to be.
Merely mentioning the fact that this was the beginning of three solid days of Zoom calls would probably give most of us a headache by now. But right the contrary was the case. Not only did I feel truly enriched by the input I received during those days (the organisers always making sure that there was enough diversity and also “ma-space” – time for the space in between) but also something else happened.
Despite the common perception of online gatherings not being able to create real connection, I felt like being taken out of my tiny flat far away to the beautiful landscape of the Isle of Bute, literally being able to smell the cracking wood in the fireplace whilst we’d gather there in the evening with a glass of wine. When clicking “leave” at the last Zoom call, it didn’t feel like saying goodbye to strangers on a screen but rather to a dear community of which I had become part of.
What the Craigberoch Business Decelerator gave me was the chance to step back and allow myself to reconnect with the essential – my inner core. I even dare to say, my purpose.
Quite often, I am too distracted by the constant urge to be productive, to work and to create new projects that I forget what it takes to connect with that core. It takes quietness. Calmness. The chance to reflect with others who also dare to pause for a moment. It is then when the WHY suddenly seems so simple, so obvious. It is then when the space emerges for the WHAT and HOW to follow.
In the end, these three days reminded me of what it takes to continue forward: standing still for a moment, connecting with my inner self, regaining trust and only then letting my next steps be guided by what was previously hidden amidst the noise of time.

Katharina Moser is a sociopolitical entrepreneur and “designer of meaningful encounter” based in Vienna – driven by the vision to inspire connection. Having worked for the Foreign Ministry, the British Council or the European Forum Alpbach, she founded her own company in 2015.

MOSAIK designs events and products that strengthen our sense of togetherness and by that our willingness for cooperation. Her event „Routes – The European Journey in the Middle of Vienna“ got awarded with the Austrian State Award. Having organised around 200 events, she also works as a moderator, speaker and workshop host. In 2020 Katharina co-founded Creative Cooperation providing trainings and consulting on how to make online formats more human.

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