Bringing Deceleration to the Global Intrapreneur Week

Craigberoch is thrilled to be invite to participate in the online edition of the Global Intrapreneur Week hosted by the League of Intrapreneurs globally.


We invite you all to participate in this free online session on Thursday the 11th of June

Description of the Session

“After decades of fast-paced prosperity, hierarchical leadership and an all-consuming focus on growth, the world’s workforce is undergoing a period of enforced “deceleration”. Paradoxically, could this be the catalyst for a new wave of social innovation in business ? 

In 2019, Gib Bulloch, Author of The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a corporate insurgent and created a business “decelerator” on a Scottish island, in an effort to drive breakthrough innovation and awaken a generation of changemakers and intrapreneurs.  

During this session, Gib and his “cast” of performers from the world of art, improv, music and more, will explore how this period of enforced deceleration and self-isolation could unleash a social and environmental transformation that benefits the future of the planet and profoundly impacts the way we all work and live.”