Deceleration ~ the fastest way to drive social change in business?

Craigberoch is honoured to have been part of the first online edition of the Skoll World Form


Hosted by the Skoll Foundation

Seeking to learn how to turn the current crisis into an opportunity for personal development and growth.

There is no doubt that this pandemic represents a crisis of epic proportions.

We believe in the potential for it to become the catalyst for a new wave of social innovation. Just as with The Skoll Foundation did by hosting its annual Skoll World Forum as a digital event.

Description of the Session

“Markets are in freefall. Businesses are in turmoil. Employees are..indoors – forced out of their offices into the new reality of working (perhaps permanently) from home. With airline travel effectively cancelled, the hamster wheel is slowly coming to a standstill.

After decades of fast-paced prosperity, hierarchical leadership and an all-consuming focus on growth, the world’s workforce is undergoing a period of enforced “deceleration”. On a human level, there is no doubt that COVID-19 represents a crisis of epic proportions. Paradoxically, it could be the catalyst for a new wave of social innovation.

Gib Bulloch, author and former intrapreneur has created the UK’s first “decelerator”, in an effort to drive breakthrough innovation and awaken a generation of changemakers. During this session, Gib and his “cast” of performers from the world of art, improv, music and more, will explore how this period of enforced social distancing, deceleration and self-isolation can:

  • Unleash a community and environmental transformation that benefits the future of the planet.
  • Drive new ways to collaborate and relate to colleagues for global and social benefit, with a renewed accent on empathy and compassion
  • Provide an opportunity for individuals to adapt and grow in new ways to produce a workforce that is more innovative, entrepreneurial and resilient.”

See the session replay right here

Video description

This is an edited recording of the 1.5 hour webinar we hosted with over 150 participants as part of the annual Skoll World Forum #skollgoesvirtual

Thanking all the participants and the The Skoll Foundation for having us.

In this webinar we sought to learn together how to turn the current crisis into an opportunity for personal development and growth – watch our speakers explore how this period of enforced social distancing, deceleration and self-isolation can lead to great change within.

Hosted by Gib Bulloch and facilitated by Patrick Andrews with an excellent Cast of speakers:

~ Viki Lazar ~
Performer, teacher, and facilitator and has been passionate about improv and theatre for over 20 years. Onstage and off stage Viki loves helping the shy kids come out of their shells and discover the power of co-creating new worlds through performance. Nowadays she bring their improv toolkit to the corporate world to improve creativity, communication, and collaboration in teams.

~ Delphine Dépy Carron ~
Neuroscientist and coach that explores animal intelligence and whilst comparing it to human intelligence, she discovered that animal intelligence can be a powerful source of inspiration and development for humans. Delphine currently offers coaching facilitated by horses or dolphins to foster executives reconnection to their true nature and full potential, helping them reinvent themselves.

~ Peter Koenig ~
Creator of advanced tools and systems for conscious leaders since the 1980s. Notably related to money, realisation of life purpose, organisation and succession. He is latterly inventor of the term transforlution, the process of transformation and perpetual evolution towards solutions in accordance with Nature. Peter is an expert in Seminal Thinking, Behavioural Finance, Organizational Architecture.

~ Alexander Inchbald ~
Painting in extreme locations all over the world – blizzards, tropical storms, gale-force winds – has helped Alexander Inchbald understand how to be creative everywhere. He uses these insights to help leaders and their teams to articulate their purpose and create a world that reflects it.